Rambo Dog!

Monday, June 11th, 2018 7:20 PM for Sunday, June 10th

Yesterday was a rough pet day around our house. Three of the five had potential medical issues.

Yesterday was a rough day for the pet parents, too.

Frankie, our live-wire kitty who doesn’t realize he’s going on 6, managed to injure a leg while playing with me. He loves to jump and spin with a wand toy that has three feathers attached to it. Yesterday, he must have overdid it because after our play session, he was limping and favoring a leg. It wasn’t bad enough to take him to the emergency pet vet, but I did fear we’d be going in this morning to have it checked. Thankfully, after sleeping the afternoon away in the master bedroom, he woke up fine. No clue what happened but it was scary!


The second incident occurred with Herbie, our other wild-child cat who is Frankie’s 3/4 brother (same mom and dad’s were brothers. Sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer, doesn’t it?) Herbie is a bit of a brute. He’s larger than his brother, Frankie, and he’s not nearly as smart. Sounds kinda mean, I know, but it’s true. Where we have to make sure Frankie isn’t smart enough to get into a situation that will hurt himself (like figuring out how to get on the top of the shower rail and be unable to get down) with Herbie we have to watch and make sure he doesn’t do anything dumb that will get himself hurt.

The problem is Herbie is very stubborn, He wants what he wants and he’s unlikely to  concede defeat without a battle. A stubborn streak combined with not-so-many-smarts can make for a bad situation. Which it did.

Herbie, unbeknownst to me, decided to sleep directly under the recliner part of my chair. When I went to put the chair down, I noticed there some resistance. As I was trying to move it up again to check what it was stuck on, Herbie launched himself out the side, fur all disheveled, shaking his head and grumbling.

Thankfully, we have a recliner that moves up and down with a motor, and it moves very slowly. I, literally, cannot get out of this chair fast. It takes a good 8 – 10 seconds for it to go up and down. This is actually the exact reason we spent the extra money to get a recliner with a motor rather than the normal manual kind. I’ve had experience with closing a cat in one of the kind that snaps down and it was very, very scary. It involved a day long vet stay and I was very lucky that she wasn’t injured and I could take her home.

Now if it was Frankie lying under the recliner and he saw it starting to inch its way down toward his head, he would leave. And if he didn’t, once the recliner touched any part of him, he certainly would leave and probably yowl, too. Not Herbie. Herbie stuck it out until he had no other option but to move or get crushed.

Thankfully, Herbie was fine, although he ignored me for several hours. The incident brought back some very bad memories for me. It was scary.

Herbie eyes


Charlie, The Survivor, was our third problem child yesterday, in two different ways. If you read this blog, you know how I’ve talked about having to make dog food every week for Charlie because he has food allergies.

His primary allergies are chicken and wheat products which means dog kibble is off-limits for him. Which is fine by Charlie since he’s never eaten dog kibble in his life. He refused to eat it as a puppy so my mom always cooked food for him.

Once he started living with us, Charlie saw Sammy eat cat kibble as a treat, so he stole a piece. He liked it a lot! Now as a treat, I will give Charlie a few pieces of cat kibble several times a week.

We always keep a bowl of dog kibble out for Sammy. Charlie has never been interested in it because he doesn’t like kibble and because he refuses to eat food out of a bowl. He literally will not eat off a dish or a bowl. He eats on a plastic placemat. This bowl-aversion does not carry into his water consumption which he handles just fine out of a bowl. (Thank goodness! Not sure what I’d do if he didn’t).

Yesterday afternoon, for what ever reason, (he had his breakfast and lunch) Charlie decided to try Sammy’s dog kibbles. And, apparently he liked them since he ate the entire bowl! That about a cup and half of dog kibbles made of chicken and wheat consumed by a small dog with chicken and wheat allergies. I braced myself for the worst.

I waited. I watched him. I took him outside extra times. Nothing. No effect whatsoever. None today either. Dare I hope that he outgrew this allergy (and bowl aversion!) and can now eat kibble? No more veg days! Or at least less of them? I would be very happy if that ends up to be the case, however, I’m not getting my hopes up. I will give it another few days and let him have some more kibble again and see what happens.

The second thing Charlie managed to do, has left me in awe of his bravery and strength. During one of his potty breaks outside at dusk, Charlie stepped on a honey bee and he got stung. He came limping into the house on three legs, licking frantically at his foot.

I’ve never had an animal stung by bee before, so I grabbed my mom’s old dog first aid book and looked up what to do to help him. Turned out it’s basically the same thing you do to treat a human bee sting. Watch out for anaphylactic shock. None, thank God. Scrape the stinger out with a credit card. Not easy to do on a furry paw, but Dennis managed to get it. Apply a baking soda poultice to the spot. Again, not so easy on the bottom of a paw, but we managed. Finally, rinse it off and apply ice to reduce swelling. That one didn’t go so great. Charlie was pretty much done with the whole thing by the ice part.

The book said to expect pain and swelling for a day or two at least, and that we could give him benedryl to help reduce swelling. I was expecting a couple days of him being laid up, and us having to carrying up and down the stairs.

Through the entire ordeal, Charlie didn’t yip once. Not even when he got stung. (I swear like banshee when I get stung.) After tolerating our futzing with the sting for about a half hour, Charlie limped over to his bed on three legs and went to sleep. He’d wake up every so often, lick his foot a few times and go back to sleep. By the time we went to bed, Charlie was fine. He bounded up the stairs two at a time like he does every night. He jumped on the bed before I could lift him up. No limping at all.

Today, there is no sign there was ever anything wrong with his foot, I can’t see any swelling at he’s running around the house as usual. He even went for a short walk today.

I am newly impressed with Charlie. I’ve now nicknamed him Rambo. He is one tough dog!

charlie by addy

Charlie AKA Rambo

Dennis and I are grateful that today was much less eventful in our house. And I now always wear shoes out in the yard. I’m not as tough as Charlie.

7:56 pm



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