Behemoth Lives!

November 4th, 2017. 10:48 am

I received a bit of good news recently. Last August I wrote about the dining room table and chairs my parents owned, which I hated all my life. Here’s a link in case you missed it.  The Behemoth.



I resigned myself to the fact that Behemoth, as well as all the other stuff that didn’t sell at the estate sale was destined for the dump because of the mix up on date the estate sale company scheduled the pick up. It was supposed to go to a resale shop for charity, which made me feel good that it would continue to be useful to someone. Even though I didn’t want any of it, it still bummed me out that all if was just going to turn into garbage.

As part of the deal with the estate sale company (I won’t name them since I don’t want to tank anyones’s business, but let’s just say, my dealings with them weren’t great). Anyway…as part of the deal they were supposed to provide me with a listing of everything that sold for over $50.00, an itemized receipt for what went to charity to be used for tax purposes, and, of course, the check. All within 30 days.

The 30 days didn’t happen. No where near 30 days. When I did eventually get the check after multiple phone calls, I received a nice sunrise. The envelope included an itemized receipt from the charity listing the dining room set AKA Behemoth as being donated!

The estate company didn’t take everything to the dump as they told me they were going to do. Behemoth did end up going to a resale shop along with lots of other stuff, including the extra wall hangings my dad made for his business and never sold. (I have some of them, but thre’s only so much I could take into my house).

It’s silly, because I know it’s just stuff, but I am very relieved to know Behemoth and the rest of the housewares have a chance to be rehomed. Maybe someone with mad upholstering skills can rip out Behomth’s farty chair cushions and make them pretty and non-offensive.  Maybe.

The house has been sold for almost 3 weeks now. I drive by it about once a week when I go into Hartland to grocery shop (it’s on the way) and I think the new owners are doing a ton of remodeling. I can see they added a patio door where windows used to be and there’s been lots of wood delivered and a dumpster out front. This makes me happy. Life does goes on and the house is being reborn.

Yesterday, I saw a lot of tree limbs scattered in the yard. I wondered if Tony’s tree in the back yard got cut down. I hope not. Thankfully, I can’t see the back yard from the road, so I’ll never know. That’s probably a good thing. You can read more about Tony’s tree here. Saying Goodbye

I’m glad that the house is getting reborn, in a new familie’s vision as well as Behemoth having a chance to be reborn, too. And if Behemoth still ends up going to dump someday, I’m glad to not be knowing that, too.


November 23, 2017. 11:07am

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