Sun Halos and Heaven

2:36 pm 6/23/17

This morning as I sat on the swing outside the house with Sammy, I noticed a rainbow that ran completely around the sun. This is my attempt to capture the image with my cell phone. I promise you, it doesn’t do justice to what I saw.



I’ve never seen something like this before. Maybe they’re common and since I wasn’t outside very much until we got Sammy, I just never saw one before. I googled “rainbow around the sun” and found it it’s called a “Sun Halo”. If it had two bright lights on either side of the halo those would be “Sun Dogs”…it didn’t, though, so this was just a Sun Halo. It’s still very pretty and unusual looking, and I like the name.

Sun Halo. Since I fancy myself a writer of sorts, it seems like I should do something with the imagery of that name. Write a story or a even a poem. But I gotta be honest. I’ve got nothing. It’s poetic name, for sure, but it’s not inspiring me to spew forth verse.

If I was the religious sort, I might attribute it to some kind of sign. Especially in light of the health challenges with my mother of late. If I were the religious sort, I’m sure I would interpret it as a postive sign. A sign that everything will turn out all right.  But I’m not the religious sort.  I’m the practical sort. And while it’s nice to imagine it was as sign meant for me, I don’t believe that’s that case. It wasn’t a sign. It was just a cool weather phenomena with a pretty name.

I do envy people that have the faith to believe everything is in God’s hands, and that they’ll be reunited with loved ones when they die. I think it would make facing a situation like I’m in now with my mom easier. Although, I never have understood how being reunited with loved ones in heaven after we die actually works. Do I end up with my family or my husband’s family? Do I reunite only with the relatives I like or are they all there, like one never ending family reunion? I was married before. Does God accept my divorce? If he doesn’t, then that means I’ll end up with my ex-in laws. And my ex-husband? Oh my!

I suspect I’m being too literal in my interpretation. Too practical, as usual. Although, I would like to be reunited with all the animals that I’ve loved. That’s my idea of heaven. And I do honestly envy folks who find peace from a religion, whatever religion it may be, when facing a difficult time like I’m in now. All I have is Dennis, and the occasional tequila shot when the going really gets rough. It’s enough, though. We’ll make it through.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. It looks like it will be a gorgeous summer weekend, here in Wisconsin. We’re going to the farmer’s market for the first time since Dennis hurt his knee. We take Sammy which is always fun. We get lots of people stopping to say what a cute dog he is. He usually embarrasses us by barking and “growling” at them. I have “growling” in quotes because it’s fake growling. He likes to try to intimidate people. I’ve heard him growl for real at sounds he hears outside at night, and there’s a big difference. His real growl is chilling. It’s low and mean and it makes me want to hide. No one, human or animal, will question whether Sammy means business with his real growl.  Sammy’s fake growling doesn’t have the same effect. It sounds like Trump blathering insults at his latest target. Lots of noise, but not much content behind it. (I know I said I wouldn’t be polictical but I couldn’t resist the comparison. It’s too perfect.)

Both fake growlers, Sammy and Trump, are embarrassing when they let loose. (Ok, I’m really done now. I promise).

While at the farmer’s market, I am planning to make a breakfast of my street waffle which is the delectable treat of a crunchy Belgian style waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar and stuffed into a parchment paper wrap. They’re so good! No silverware or syrup required. Yum!

Happy weekend, friends. The next time you’re outside, make sure to look up to the sky. Maybe you’ll see your own sun halo.

3:17 pm 6/23/17


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